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Top 5 | Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

I will be writing more about video games in 2018, this isn’t because I am abandoning tabletop, far from it. I love games in general and I want to have the freedom to talk about anything gaming related. I also happen to work at a video game store which grants me access to games as they come out pretty easily. Here are my top 5 most anticipated video games of 2018!


That ‘Z’ on the end shows that they are not playing around with this one. I want to be honest in saying that I haven’t really ever been excited about a Dragon Ball fighting game. I can’t ignore the awesome aspects of this game including the team building capabilities, awesome intro scenes that flow in the game, the animation looking like something you would see on the show, and amazing abilities that can destroy the environment impacting the gameplay!

4) Moss

VR is only getting better for the everyday consumer! I recently had the opportunity to just play with a $3K Oculus set that is being utilized for business. I still can’t get over it, and the PS4 VR option is a great way to get used to the idea of VR in your regular gaming life. Moss looks like the kind of game to draw me into actually picking up the consumer VR set-up! I love puzzles, cute art, and adventure so this game doesn’t look to disappoint at all!

3) Sea of Thieves

I may just be a sap for the RARE team, but this game looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to grab some friends and a ship and sail the seas from the comforts of my living room. I am also excited that it isn’t just sea battles but hand to hand combat as well. I am sure there will be classes or focuses that we can pick and become experts in.

2) We Happy Few

I am going, to be frank, I love the 60’s and 70’s. The more I learn about those crazy times I feel that maybe I was born in the wrong time period. Then I also remember that most of what we see is glamorized by the power of hindsight. We look back at times past and wish we were there again because nostalgia is a powerful weapon. The moment I saw this logo years ago, I knew that this game would be special. I have played it at different stages of development and when they decided to give this game the AAA launch it deserved I was immensely happy, but maybe one of the few.

This game has a dystopian story that is hidden under a fog of drugs causing everything to look beautiful. This was a hard thing for me to just give it the number two slot, but that shouldn’t be a negative. This game is great and I am excited for others to see it’s beauty.


1) Far Cry 5

This series was definitely a party I was late to. I picked up Far Cry 4 because of the trailer for this game and immediately regretted not picking up the series sooner! Since picking up 4 I have delved into the older titles and one of the things I have loved about the series is the ability to have me relate to the villain. I don’t know if this is something they aim for, but I can at least understand how someone can make the choices that others villify. I have heard it said that everyone’s villain is another person’s hero – which when you play these games you can at least see outside of your own perspective.

The main reason I was drawn to Far Cry 5 was the environment of the story. I have moved around a lot, but most of my life I have lived in the country. I never really could fit in with those who loved living in the country. I don’t judge the people who want to live in the country, and honestly, I wonder sometimes if that wasn’t the better bet. I have to take the story of the country and city mice to heart and realize that I needed to see what was on the other side or I would regret not going for an adventure. That being said, this game takes place in the country… in the “fly over” states. A cult leader has taken control of a town and you are entering the town to fight back. I got the chance to play a bit at PAX WEST this year and I loved every minute of it.

**Honorable Mention**

Kingdom Hearts 3

I am just throwing this into the mix, we will see if it happens. IF… if is good.

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