Writing Samples

While working for clients or on a team, creating the social media ‘voice’ is key. I found the best way to accomplish this is to create an avatar of your target market and strive to understand them, much like a novelist creates a character. Once I know how to speak to my avatar, I develop a surrounding narrative and invite others into it. As long as you stay true to the voice you cultivate, you can grow your crowd.

Logo Design

When I was a child, I explored abandoned buildings to find old advertisements. Even then, I was drawn to the evolution of designs over time. In particular, how does branding evolve into a single logo without any other reference to the company they belong to? Logos have the ability to grab your attention on large and small surfaces. The end goal is to find a lasting symbol that captures what a business stands for. I apply that lesson to my life as I aim to grasp the big picture and find ways to encapsulate it for others.


I have always enjoyed creating art, and getting the opportunity to be a creative director behind T-shirts designs have been a lot of fun. I have always loved screen printed tees and getting to see people wear my designs is fantastic. The design work below shows what I can do utilizing illustrator and making ideas visual.

Social Media graphics

In today’s world, every business’ target market is on social media and your competitors know it. The key to success in social media is finding a way to separate yourself from the pack. This ensures that customers will want, not only to follow you, but to interact with you as well. The various graphics below showcase how I made unique media while growing a follower base to over 1500 people over 4 months time.


The graphics below are samples of two different approaches to help grow a market. First are Facebook group competition banners. Used for a monthly contest sponsored by game publishers, these graphics incorporate the art assets of the game, the publisher’s logo and the Facebook group logo. The graphic is displayed as a banner providing a month of advertising in a very active group of over 300 people and still growing. Second are blog graphics which utilize a much cleaner approach than those on the Facebook group. The easy to digest design of the website and striking images draw more than 1000 unique visitors a month.


Memes are not going anywhere. Companies that utilize them in their daily interactions on social media will reap the rewards. Staying up to date with ‘meme culture’ allows a company to stay connected with the masses and offers more interactivity for the community. The 2016 presidential election is a prime example of how much power these images have. I speak this language fluently and always aim to be on top of cultural movements, and hope to bring that to you.