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Kickstarter Highlight | Seat Wars

I have a love/hate relationship with public transit. I love that it exists, as I have used it many times. When I first moved out to Seattle the bus system was the only way I got around, outside of walking and the bike I eventually got. Public transit hosts so many interesting characters, that you never have to worry about being bored. Of course, this depends on the transit line you normally ride. This game has was created after Andres Ayala had one of those moments on a bus that doesn’t leave your mind as you get off and walk to your home.



A moral hierarchy to be certain should exist on the bus. I don’t want to get too deep in this, but if someone is carrying a lot of things or are dealing with a child… please offer your seat to them! It doesn’t take a lot to stand for a bit as you move to your destination. I am glad to see Detestable Games creating this game and telling this story.


This family-friendly game is a fun take on the competition for the all-important space on a bus ride. There are different people going at it to stay in their seats, and in order for them to give you any value, you must keep them in their seat for a round of play. This game has a retractable board that alters the size of the bus depending on how many players are playing.

The main mechanic that I am looking forward to seeing is the “decision-taking” mechanic that gives a player three actions to take each turn. You have the ability to play events, items, riders, or even score riders. If you choose to not take all three actions you have the ability to draw up more cards. I am intrigued by the mechanic, and even considering going back to my own game to see if that is something that could benefit gameplay or harm it. Check out the video for more information!

You can check out the KS page HERE. Do you have any interest in games that reflect our daily lives so well? Do you have any horror stories or even any awesome stories about your public transit? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for writing about Seat Wars! This week we will show the redesing on the box which will make it look like the bus. Curious about your game too and to see if the mechanic of action-taking vs drawing cards also works there. When Detestable Games first presented us this game, that mechanic was the one most appealing for us.

    1. I liked the concept that drawing cards were seen as a potential choice to make. It feels realistic because life doesn’t always hand you the items you need, you have to choose to go out and find ways to succeed.
      My first game that will be on Kickstarter is too far in for me to really try this style of play, but the game that I am working on, “dirty dozen”, is still in the play-testing stage. I think this could offer more strategy for sure! Maybe giving players a type of point system for each round to do anything they wanted as long as they had the points for it. Maybe you have 5 points, and you draw 4 cards. You may have one point left that can carry over? Maybe it is just a wasted point because all other potential actions are worth at least 2?
      I often think about exactly how much control we should aim to have in game design, maybe some games could become better by becoming more fluid in their gameplay?
      What appealed most to you as a game publisher?
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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