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Kickstarter Highlight | Hate

Alright, I know that the overall discussion over this game has toned down significantly, but you know I had to highlight this game, right? I talked a good bit about this game when I talked about M rated games in the industry.  This game as a whole still looks like a lot of fun, and the minis (as you should expect from CMON games) look great!


Again, if you look past the opening video, there are a lot of really cool things happening in the game. The art by Adrian Smith is gruesome and in your face, reminding me of a less sexual Heavy Metal. To be fair, I also don’t know the series of HATE enough to justify my issues with the video. That could be one of the appeals to this story, ultra-violence with 5th-grade communication skills. With all that I want to talk about the 3 things that would cause me to back this project.

  1. The miniatures are amazing.
    These miniatures would look just as good in this game as in a D&D campaign I am running. I haven’t gotten into the figure painting as many I have met in the tabletop scene, but these would be a solid first.
  2. The art sets the story up so well, you are slapped in the face with the aggression in this world.
    HATE_artI am pretty sure this is a long kilt made with the skulls of his enemies. Can you imagine how you would even stand up to a being like this!? Personally, I would run. I am not in the right place to deal with that. The art really does a great job putting you into the world that you play in, and when that happens the players can connect with every choice they make, it allows them to feel invested.
  3. This is a Kickstarter Exclusive. The entire game is only going to be distributed to backers on this project. This is a really interesting business model, and CMON is doing well with it. The project is already backed and they slowly update the stretch goals, so the game just becomes more expansive. It is $120 to get a lot of great things, go check out their page to see everything they offer!

This game is definitely not for everyone, but if you like post-apocalyptic settings, violent battles, controversial conversation starters, and a game that no one would be able to just find in a store, this may be the game for you! Have you already backed this game? What games did you back in January? Let me know in the comments below!

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