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Kickstarter Highlight | BoxThrone – The Modular Board Game Shelving System

There aren’t a lot of options on the market in regards to game storage. In honor of the new series we started, this highlight is very welcomed. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read the series (Your Friend’s Gaming Shelf) please give it a read HERE. Game collections can tell us a lot about a person, and as we show off our collection, there is something that can be said to not just the quality of our games, but in how we present them.


Enter in the BoxThrone. This seems to handle a lot of issues that bother me with owning games. Wear and tear on the boxes, sagging bookshelves, being forced to put games on their side allowing pieces to spill, or even throwing games into a closet because the box simply won’t fit. Boardgames are getting larger and more expensive, and it is important to have that flexibility.


I am a huge fan of modular furniture because it allows the owner to have a lot of options. BoxThrone looks to offer not just a nice looking frame, but changing shelves. A lot of modular furniture has the ability to move around the house as you see fit, but they are still fixed dimensions.


They even figured out how to offer floor space back to you!


The last problem with shelving that I have had is the constant need for random boxes to store loose RPG related items. This product is obviously made by gamers and they thought about that. Someone on the team knew that our random brown cardboard boxes holding dice, pens, and cards distracted from the clean look we aimed for. So they came out with an interesting slide out option.


You can find out more information on this great looking product HERE. Readers, as always I will tell you that I am getting no financial incentive to tell you about this campaign. If I had the money though, this would be something that I would want in my life. Hopefully, if this is something you get, your storage options will increase.

How do you store your games? Are there other products on the market that offer quality and function on this level? Lets us know in the comments below and feel free to send your “shelfies”.

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