Two to six attendees can play. Find the “Good Day” card and set it aside. Choose how many rounds you want to play, set that number aside and remove the leftover days. Shuffle the day cards and make your calendar deck with the “Good Day” card active.  

-Suggested Calendar Size

  • 2 – 4 players = 15 rounds 
  • 5 – 6 players = 10 rounds 

Shuffle the draw pile and deal each attendee five cards to start. Place the calendar deck and the draw pile in the center with space for the ground pile. Choose who goes first, then go clockwise. 

Card Types 

Action Cards

  • Ground Find! – On your turn pull the top 10 cards from the discard pile and choose one card. If this card is an item, you may immediately put it into play. 
  • Lost & Found – On your turn you can take one item from another player that’s in play or two cards randomly from their hand. 
  • “What did I Just…” –  On your turn you can play these cards on yourself or someone else.  


-Reaction Cards  

  • F🙂ck That! – Anytime another player plays a card, play this card to send both cards to the discard pile.


-Items and Responsibilities 

  • Squad Items – Keys, Car, Bottle of Water, Wallet, and Cell Phone.  
  • Your Items – These items vary and are worth points at the end of the game if they are in the trunk of the car.  
  • Special Items – These items help you out as long as you have them in play.



  • You can play these cards on your turn and you can only have one person in your squad unless you have another card that says otherwise. Each Squad member can hold an extra item for you, but they are not worth points at the end of the game. You get 3 points for the first matching item of a squad member, and then 1 after that. If the Squad Member is holding onto one of their items then they can help you even more! 
  • Foolish Panda – Your max hand size increases by 2. 
  • Sundrop – You can remove any Reminder Card in play during your morning. 
  • Teena – You take the top two cards from the draw pile in the morning and choose what happens. Discard the other card. 
  • Erick – You get to perform 3 actions during your afternoon. **(Is this too powerful / should there be a negative association?) 
  • Sheila-Maye – When drawing up to your max hand size you may choose to take one of those cards from another player at random instead of the draw pile. 


-Reminder Cards  

  • ‘Find Your items’ – On your turn, you can play these cards on yourself or someone else. These cards stay in play until the item is found, then you can discard these cards and put the item in your trunk. 


-Day Cards 

  • You reveal a new day card at the start of every new round. Whatever effects are on the card immediately happen, and there is no way to avoid their effects. 
  • These cards make up your Calendar Deck and let you know how many more days you have before the end of the game. 


What does your day look like?


  • Draw a card face up from the draw pile. You must deal with this card immediately.  
    • Item or Squad card : you may immediately play it for free.  
    • Action card : you must do as the card says at that moment.  
    • Response card : you can put it directly into your hand.  
    • Reminder card : then you must put it in play onto you.  


  • You get two actions in your afternoon.  
  • You may put any Item into play. 
  • You may play a Squad Member. 
  • You may play an Action card on yourself or another player. 
  • You may play a Reminder card on another player. 
  • You may discard a card then draw a card. 
  • You may move an item you have in play to a new slot in play.
  • You may move an item you have in play into your hand.
  • You may pass an action.


  • Freely move items around to prep for the next day.
  • Draw or Discard cards to get back to your max hand size.  


Ending the Game 

The game can end one of two ways: 

  • Be the first attendee to find one unique item for each squad member [EX: a wallet, keys, cell phone, water bottle, or car], a Squad member who can drive you out, and you must have no Reminder cards on you. 
  • If you have taken care of all these things then you get the VIP Upgrade and everyone else finishes the round. 
  • If there are no other cards in the calendar deck, then the game ends at the end of the round. 


  • If you have taken care of all these things then you get the VIP Upgrade and everyone else finishes the round. 
  • You no longer can be affected by cards other players play. If anyone has an identical squad member in play as the attendee with the VIP Upgrade must immediately discard them & those squad members can’t be played for the rest of the game. All attendees finish the rest of this turn. 


Once the game ends the player with the most points is the winner of Escape The Fest! 


  • Each Squad item that you have in play is 1 point. 
  • If you have a Squad item in play that goes with the Squad member you have in play – then the first matching item is worth 2 points – any other matching Squad items will be worth 1 point. 
  • If your Squad is holding onto their item (or any other Squad item) then that item is worth nothing. 
  • Every item you have in your trunk is worth 1 point. 
  • Every Reminder card you have still in play is -1 point. 
  • VIP Upgrade is worth 3 points.  


Two Player Variant Rules 

-Public Reminders 

  • Take all the Reminder cards from the main deck, shuffle them to create a separate deck and lay three cards face-up. 
  • All players can play Your item cards onto the face-up Reminder cards. When you do, put the found item in your trunk, put the Reminder card into the Reminder Deck’s discard, and reveal a new reminder 
  • At the end of the round trash the face-up Reminder cards and reveal three new ones. 
  • SUNDROP: With her ability, in the morning phase, you can choose two reminders to trash and then immediately reveal two more reminders.  


-Card Removal 

  • Remove 3 
  • Each individual “What Did I Just” Action Cards 
  • Remove 2 
  • “F🙂ck That!” Response cards 
  • Remove 1 
  • “Ground Find” Action card 
  • Of each individual Squad card 
  •  Of each individual Special Item card 


-Start Strong 

  • Give both players a F🙂ck That! Card 
  • Deal six more cards to each player so both players start the game with 7 cards. 
  • The max hand size still starts at 5.  


Gameplay continues like the base game.  



  1. Q) If I play a reaction card outside my turn, can I draw back up to my full hand?

No, you only draw up to the full hand size at the end of your turn.  

  1. Q) Can I collect more than one of the sameitem? (ex: Teena’sCarand Sun Drop’s Car)  

Yes, remember you only have 5 item slots normally available to you. 

  1. Q) Can I play a “F🙂ckThat!” card onto another “F🙂ckThat!” card? 

Yes, you can counter another “F🙂ck That!” in that way, but your counter can be countered so be careful. 

  1. Q) If I forget to draw up during my night phase, can I draw up in someone else’s turn?

No, if you forget to draw then you must work with the cards you have. Make sure to draw back up to a full hand at the end of your next turn!  

  1. Q) Can I have two backpacks or totems in play?

No, you can only have one Special Item card of the same name in play.  

  1. Q) Can I play a Reminder card on the item it goes with if I already have it in play?

No, however, you can play the Reminder card and freely move the item card onto it in your night phase for free (or move the item onto the Reminder card in the afternoon for one action). 

  1. Q) Who is the winner at the end of the game if there is a tie for most points?

If one of the players who are tied also has the VIP Ticket upgrade, then they are the winner. If not, then all tied players are the winners.