Matt Tozzi

matt tozzi
I am still surprised I got the cat to write up some blogs! Too bad this human refuses to give him time to write. – Foolish

Hey there! My name is Matt Tozzi. Born and raised in Jersey, you could find me doing your typical Jersey activities like hitting the shore, eating pork roll, and not pumping gas. Apart from this, I am with my son, Loaf (no, not a kid. The cat. Cats are way better) as well as putting my overpriced piece of paper to work that states I have my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Yes, I am a therapist looking to become Dr. Tozzi soon. But rather you sharing how that makes you feel to me, I am here to share how I feel about the amazing world of gaming. I grew up playing board games every Sunday for family time. With the exception of chess (8th grade champion, woo!), my interest in the tabletop world died out because I made the mistake of thinking most board games did not have much more to offer than the painstaking Monopoly (which I believe is the culprit of why people do not know board games can be such an in-depth and fun experience). Despite this, I still always had a passion for gaming and most of my childhood was filled with some sort of gaming memories. Luckily though, my love for board games sparked up again a few years ago when I played an actual well thought out and designed game (Catan). I then saw that the tabletop world had so much to offer than I realized that I began designing my own games and dove back into this community. I am excited to contribute my thoughts about the limitless world of gaming to Foolish Panda Games with Chris and the rest of the Foolish Panda Team!