Chris Michelotti

I am the lucky guy looking at the beautiful woman in this picture.

You can find the backstory of how I came up with “Foolish Panda Games” here. To the point of who I am, well that is another story completely. Born in the late 80’s I consider myself to be a healthy 90’s kid raised on amazing cartoons, the internet boom, and unadulterated amounts of sugar. My family moved around a lot and like many military brats having stable friendships wasn’t in the cards. Much of my time growing up was spent in my room creating new worlds and stories. My family was the only real source of human interaction I got, and we loved family game night.

The 90’s were an awesome time for tabletop games, in that so many games were trying new things and toys seemed to merge with games. This was the time period that really set us up for the current tabletop explosion we are all feeling. My family planted roots in Kentucky, and I stayed with them through high school and went to a small school in the state. I studied film and production in college but had a hard time choosing to jump into the abyss called Hollywood.

Turning 24 I knew that I had to leave Kentucky. I love so much about the South… but it wasn’t home to me. I was feeling the itch for change, so I hopped on a train and went out west. I spent a month traveling the United States and came home with a new direction for my life. I would move to the beautiful state of Washington. This was and wasn’t a shock to my family. The shock being how far I would move away from them, the non-shock coming from the fact that my attitude was always more in line with the stereotypical west coast individual.

I went through some rough points making a place for myself in the PNW and having no safety net was scary. I developed my community and created a new family. Now that I am looking at 30 fast approaching I can see how my 20’s played out and set me up for amazing experiences. One of those was to get married to an amazing woman. The other was to see my ideas become reality. I am excited to try my hand at building a community of people to share in the design and creation of my worlds. Some of these worlds have been forming since I was a young kid in the south, others have been forming from various experiences I have had in the beautiful PNW.

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Stay Foolish!