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Kickstarter Highlight | Mint Delivery

mint delivery

This is my third project to back on Kickstarter and this one is fresh, like mint fresh. I make no apologies for my bad jokes. Please check the project out HERE – and hopefully you don’t judge them by my pun, they don’t deserve it.

This project excited me enough to back it, and there are still a few days left. The reasons I am excited by this game:

  1. Everything will fit in a mint can. Having this on a flight would definitely be beneficial… because I don’t normally like in-flight “entertainment”.
  2. Easy to learn… not everyone is a power gamer and some people are still new to tabletop games. I need this reminder often, and being seen as the go-to guy for games among my community it is good to have a few easy to learn games.
  3. Quick to play. Games that are easy to learn are also quick to play. Not everyone has the time for a 3 hour economy management board game. It is always a good idea to have a handful of fast games in your library.

Don’t forget to check out one of my other backed projects HERE. It has about a week left, fully funded, and purely magical.

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