Festivals grew out of control. Whole towns were ruined with each festival attempting to overshadow the other. After the Great Event Wars of 2073, the government decided to step in and stop the chaos with the Great Dakotas Evacuation and Restructure. It was then decided that any event with more than 10,000 attendees must be held in the new state of Dakota.The year is now 2080 and every event is organized by the last remaining event company, a faceless corporation shrouded in mystery. Dakota is a state that never sleeps and brings in people from all over the world with one goal in mind: Party.

Many of your friends have warned you of the physical damage that follows even a seven-day festival. You ignore their advice and purchase the "MLWP" (Month Long Warrior pass) and leave for the central event, The Prime Festival.

You soon realize that your friends were right as you feel like you are becoming swallowed whole. You want to leave, the only problem is that you have lost your wallet, keys, cell phone, water bottle and your car. You know you need these things to survive and...



Escape The Fest! (ETF!) is a multiplayer set collection card game for 2-6 players (14 and up) and takes 20-60 minutes to play.  In ETF! players (attendees) take turns trying to complete objectives (responsibilities) in order to leave the festival and not lose themselves in it. The first attendee to take care of all their responsibilities or with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Each round (day) brings new rules to observe. Some of the other attendees may be looking for the same responsibilities as you making it harder for you to take care of them. Other attendees may just continue to remind you of how many other responsibilities you have, causing you to stay on the festival grounds longer. You may even make some drastic choices that can help or harm you on your journey. All these things will ensure that no two festivals will feel the same.


Make new friends

help them find things!

have new experiences

Don't lose your stuff!