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Top 5 | FPG Posts 2017

This has been a great year for us at Foolish Panda Games! A lot of cool things have started and we have even more ideas for 2018 including a podcast and video series on Youtube. There’s also that whole Kickstarter for our first game thing… so we will see how 2018 plays out. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our posts and hopefully you get a chance to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get more updates from us!

The following posts were our most viewed posts for 2017! We chose to not include quizzes but our top quiz was definitely this one!  This quiz was shared a lot online and brought a lot of joy to those who took it. I was excited to share it and excited to make more of those fun little personality quizzes. I also hope that as we continue to create great content more people will continue to come by and read our posts, watch our videos, and play our games.

Anyway, here are our top 5 posts on Foolish Panda Games for 2017!

5) Kickstarter Highlight | BoxThrone – The Modular Board Game Shelving System

This was a great looking product on Kickstarter, and they did all the marketing right it. I love the minimalist design and it seemed like you all agree!



4) Interview with Justin Hillgrove | Imps and Monsters


Getting the opportunity to do a small interview with Justin was a treat for me. I have met him a few times now, and I am always excited to see his artwork. He also had some great advice for artists still starting out!



3) Kickstarter Highlight | Enigma Box


This was a very fun looking game that I wish I had the money to throw down for! I love alternate reality games (ARGs) and would be interested in one day sitting down and creating one of my own. Then again, one could ask if all this is really just an ARG that hasn’t ended.



Patriots & Redcoats logo
2) Interview with Tom Butler | Patriots & Redcoats


The art for this game pulled me in, but it was great getting the opportunity to learn a bit more about the designer and the hope that people don’t forget their past.


**Drumroll Please**


Red Panda
1) A panda and the moment I realized diversity isn’t a dirty word…


This post was and still is near to my heart. It also brought up some interesting characters on my facebook feed trying to tell me how I am wrong. I will continue to tackle these topics in the future, but I will repeat one of the many things that I know to be true to me.

Diversity for the sake of diversity isn’t the answer… creative people shouldn’t be told to tell stories about experiences that they have no connection to. Individuals who hold power in team development and producers/publishers that empower voices should aim to have different voices in the conversation as this leads to better creations.


Thank you again for 2017 and here is to 2018! May it get better and may we all come together to play more games and laugh a bit more.

Stay Foolish!


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