Kickstarter Spotlight | Western Legends

You ride off into the sunset never to be forgotten, a legend of the Wild West. That, of course, is the goal as you play Kolossal Games "Western Legends". Which path will you choose in this open-world sandbox designed by Herve Lemaitre? Will you choose the path of the Marshal and aim to be a legendary doer of good, or the wanted path and become a notorious outlaw?

Sadly, there aren't a lot of western themed games on the market so this looks to be a breath of fresh air. Roland Macdonald does a great job bringing the west to life in his art. The game is set for 2-6 people all choosing to gamble, drive cattle, prospect, rob banks, fighting bandits, and a multitude of other things. You will feel like you are lost in the Wild West vying for the 'Legends Points' because no one wants to be forgotten.

Check out their Kickstarter - and if this is something you want to see in your collection, then back them! The game itself is already funded and they are digging deep into their stretch goals so you don't have to worry about seeing this come to fruition. 12 more days on this campaign and I am excited to see what additional stretch goals are unlocked.

Western Legends is a great way to start the year highlighting Kickstarter Campaigns! 2018 is really shaping to be a great year for games, and thank you so much for taking the time to come here to read my posts about projects I feel you should take the time to review! If you have any suggestions on other games or if you back this project then please let me know in the comments below!

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