Kickstarter Spotlight | War Room : A Larry Harris Game


Games take big picture ideas and make them accessible to all. From the beginning of time, humans had games. Games have helped great minds work through processes to deliver humanity from various struggles. This is why I love games and why Kickstarter as a company view "games" as a cultural pillar. The sad truth is that as games and other cultural pillars progressed humanity, wars were also there. War is a huge part of how humanity has developed and that has not been lost on those who create games. Even something as simply designed yet complex to master like chess appealed to those making strategic decisions that impacted the lives of people.

As games progressed and started to be created around themes, 'war' was an obvious choice. There have been many names in wargaming, and one of the most popular names is Larry Harris. Larry created the very popular series Axis & Allies and aimed to create a realistic experience that other people had not yet captured, and arguably many still can't.


This time Larry Harris is teaming up with Nightingale Games to bring us War Room. The things that really drew me to this campaign was that this game takes into account that when choices are made in war, you balance more than ammunition and soldiers. This game requires you to really have a big picture view of violent interactions between nations. You have to balance resources, military numbers, and even the morale of the people in your country. Heavy is the crown, and this game wants you to feel that weight.

When games are made around war we focus on the heroics of various soldiers or the astute strategy used to capture various points by generals. We don't really have to think about the stress and morale of the people who hear stories every day about more lives lost, or how a country can really bounce back once bombs are dropped. We know it takes motivational speeches by the leaders, but behind closed doors, everything is calculated. Personal philosophy, morality, and ethics are challenged.

I am excited to see this game get made and see what future games can be spawned by people who delve into War Room. The components look great and the circular board furthers the realism you experience while playing. You can find more information HERE. Let me know what your thoughts on this game in the comments below! What are the wargames that you play? Are there other things outside of the people's morale that you would like to see as part of a game?

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