Kickstarter Spotlight | War for Chicken Island


In a world with limited space on an island filled with chickens, there can only be one leader and in the “War for Chicken Island” by Draco Studios you and your friends will be able to figure out who will in fact be the leader of chicken Island. The very first thing that intrigued me about this game was the title itself. The art that the team chose for the Kickstarter created a perfect combo to grab my attention and after clicking into the campaign I was not let down by the video explaining the backstory and the basics of the game. This is their second attempt at a Kickstarter for this game, and they have come back stronger!

In “War for Chicken Island” 1 to 4 players will enjoy an easy to learn ‘gateway skirmish game’ with no player elimination. There are four different game modes; solo, free-for-all, team, and capture the flag. Draco Studios suggests that as far as game time you are looking at 30 minutes per player. A skirmish game with no player elimination sound like a lot of fun, so in this game you are not fighting to take out other chicken leaders, but instead your aim is to place humiliation marks on your opponent's banners. The island that players will be playing on seems to change because player’s lay down the hexes, so it looks as if every game played will feel different. Each player will play a different chicken leader and each chicken leader will have their own abilities to add to the game. All of this suggests a good amount of replay-ability.


Game play looks very simple as each player will take their turns and follow the three different steps:  1) Draw card from the scroll deck. These cards will give you abilities or provide hindrances for your opponents, that you can use during the game. 2) Roll the dice. You get to choose any amount of dice on your banner and/or previously discarded dice and then roll them to place back onto the banner. The dice have six unique faces all with different effects like; recovering chickens or resources, getting various bonuses, moving, or attacking / using special effects from your chicken leader.  3) Take your action. On your turn you have one free action to move attack or build a revealed unit by paying the resources cost and placing chicken pilots on it.

During this game there are various machines that you can build, and you give to these machines the different resources in order to utilize them. These machines are piloted by various chicken units that are under your command, so there seems to be a strategy of choosing when to sacrifice your chicken units to build the large machine. The chicken units seem to be hex pieces that you can move around, while the machines built are just some of the various mini-figs that you can find in the game.

Overall, this game looks like a lot of fun! As I mentioned earlier the artwork and the back story itself is enough to pull me in,but the base pledge for the game being $57 which includes all the stretch goals and mini-figs is also a great selling point. There is a pledge of $45 to get the base game without the miniatures, but I honestly don't understand why anyone would not be willing to spend the extra $12 to get all the Miniatures and avoid cardboard cutouts. I would highly encourage everyone to at least give this Kickstarter campaign a good once over.


I would love to know if any of my readers are actually backing this project and involved in the conversations with the creators on Kickstarter. Just reviewing the comments it seems that the creators are very active and interacting with their backers which is leading to new stretch goals for everyone! I always enjoy seeing a team try their best to keep a centralized view on making sure that the backers are not only happy with the campaign but excited to share it with others. Make sure to check out the campaign HERE!

Stay foolish!