Game Review | Unstable Unicorns


This was the 2nd game that I backed on Kickstarter, and I was so happy that I did. There has been a party game hole in my life as Cards Against Humanity has faded from my desired games to play at parties. Now, please don't hear that as me saying CAH is bad... but I am tired of it.  It is a great icebreaker game, but as people get to know each other you can manufacture wins. I learn people and their humor well enough, that I start to play cards that I know will win and not cards that I personally feel should win. I have a few other party games that I like to bring out, but I have been wanting a party game that had objectives. A game where you had to be ready to switch strategies and still had people laughing and talking. That was one of the reasons I started to develop Escape The Fest!  so I was really excited to run across Unstable Unicorns.

Every player is aiming to build their unicorn army first, that may seem like an easy task, but in a world where you are constantly getting stabbed in the back by your friends, it is hard to pull off. To start the game, everyone has a baby unicorn in their 'stable'. The stable is the area where you show everyone what you have currently in play.


There are three types of unicorns; baby, basic, and magic. baby unicorns can be found in the nursery pile and if a baby unicorn were to be eliminated they would go back to the nursery and not the discard pile. Basic unicorns don't have special abilities... but they do matter. Not only do basic unicorns count towards your goal number, but certain cards can only be played IF you have a basic unicorn in your stable. The third batch of unicorns are the magic unicorns. While I may feel all unicorns are magical, that isn't so. These unicorns have special abilities and can impact gameplay significantly... even if only for the fact that you have a slightly bigger target on your back.


Now the stable isn't just for unicorns, but you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade stables. Some upgrades may allow for you to play two cards a turn or allow you to play an extra basic unicorn when it is your turn, while a downgrade could turn all your unicorns into pandas, keeping you from winning.


So, my winning hand started with a Basic (Stoner) Unicorn. I added a few unicorns that could never really be eliminated and I threw in an alluring narwhal. After bringing out a unicorn that causes all players to destroy a unicorn (of which I chose the unicorn that when destroyed goes back into your stable) I knew I had the win. We were going for 7 unicorns, but I sat at 5. In my hand was the Ginormous Unicorn. This chubby little guy counts for two unicorns, so it was great to finish up with him like a surprise attack.

This game is a lot of fun! The art and descriptions really are fantastic and hilarious. I have the NSFW booster which is a great addition to the game. I am planning to buy the other boosters as soon as I can! You can check out this game and pre-order the next printing, which should go out in March!

What games are you playing? Are there any other cute games I should be on the lookout for? Let me know in the comments below!

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