Kickstarter Spotlight | Unstable Unicorns


Hey there everyone! I am excited to showcase another exciting Kickstarter project which also happens to be the 2nd project I have chosen to back myself! You can find the project HERE and decide to back for yourself!

I am excited for this game for a couple reasons:

  1. The art... how can you not back something so damn cute? I am not a brony... but I love these ponies.
  2. Games that encourage your friends to mess with each other is always a favorite of mine... strategy is great - but you can't plan for everything a fellow human can throw at you.
  3. Getting this game before Christmas? Yes please. This is arguably the best time for new games because everyone is holed inside. I can't wait to have a game night and show off this project that I get to be a part of as a backer.

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As always... Stay Foolish!