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It has been a while since I talked about a wargame and again this type of game feels really new to me! As War Room focused a lot more on the emotional weight of war, UBOOT is a cooperative game of WW2 submarine simulation. They take it further and have created an app to drive gameplay and increase the realistic experiences of being in a submarine, where little problems and lapses in judgment can lead to death.

The idea of a board game being driven by an app is not a new concept for me to talk about, that the app is so important to a game that should have a lifetime of play worried me. Looking into the FAQ's of the Campaign, I saw that the creators addressed the concern appropriately while saying that the game is being published by a company that doesn't look to be going anywhere if the worst occurred and the app could no longer be supported, they would release it as open source so the community can continue to thrive. I really appreciate when a creator wants to make sure that no matter what may come, the community that follows their creations can keep evolving. It is a reminder to myself that once I release anything... I also release part of the ownership.


UBOOT can have up to 4 players working together playing various roles like; the Captain, the Navigator, the Chief Engineer, and the First Officer. Everyone on board plays a role and the team looks to have worked hard to create an accurate portrayal of the chain of command and navigation.

What originally drew me to the game was the 3D board. You will feel as if you are actually on the submarine, as you are not moving your figures on a flat board, but maneuvering in tight corridors as you move through the deep abyss. Check out the video to see if this is something you are interested in!

Now I know these games aren't for everyone, but if you like wargames then I think this is something you will definitely want to get your hands on. It is successfully funded, and then some. They are going deep into their stretch goals and everyone who backs the game will have access to all the goals. Make sure to check out their campaign to see all the additional components that didn't make it to the video. What are your favorite wargames? Let me know in the comments below, and a huge thank you to Kevin Duke for suggesting this game to look into, while it was already on my list, it means a lot that you all are connecting with me.

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