Thrift Store Find | TwixT


Hey Readers! So today I am kicking off a new series on the blog called "Thrift Store Find!" A couple of the Facebook groups that I am a member of have had people showing off the games they found and talking about how cheap they were. While most of the posts talked about how much of a deal the poster was getting... I thought about how interesting it would be to find games that I don't really know anything. Kickstarter views gaming to be one of the cultural pillars of society. Gaming has been happening for a long time, so here is to my journey into past games!

To start it off, I want to look at Twixt! This is a two-player connection strategy game where players take turns placing pegs and linking them. The goal is to connect your opposing sides before your opponent. This is a game that is really simple to learn, and after a few games, hard to master.

I don't typically see many good two player games these days, but the best ones that I run across are all abstract games. After counting the pieces in box and seeing that it was complete, I was happy to drop $2 on this one. The first game went by really fast as my wife and I were still learning. Even though I won that game, I knew the 2nd game would be key to seeing if I was understanding the building blocks of this game.

The second game went a little longer, and I hope the time increases every time we go to play. This one was interesting because we started to utilize different pieces of the board instead of focusing on point A getting to point B. This game really allows for your brain to create diversions in one corner while your win is being set up. You are forced to constantly be focused on offense and defense.


This game really was a lot of fun, and you can go from winning to losing in one turn, if you don't try to think ahead of your opponent. Which brings me to the main question: Why would you get rid of this game? This is a game that I will have in my collection for years on. What about you readers, have you played TwixT? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a favorite Thrift Shop find? Do you have a favorite game from the 60's that I should be looking for? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Foolish!