Top 5 | KS Games of January

Wow, this has been a strong start to 2018! I was blown away at the different types of games coming on Kickstarter and excited to see what is next. This was a hard list to throw together, so I made a rule that the campaign could start arguably anytime, but to be considered it MUST end by the time I am writing this post. Next month will be a doozy to pick 5! That is next month and it is time to focus on the now. 

Remember, these are selected based on three factors for me:: 1) Actual campaign look - 2) Excitement about the product - 3) Other random things like the journey of the creator etc. 

So let's break down what I felt were the 5 best Kickstarter Games of January 2018!

5) Supernatural Socks

I hate losing socks in the laundry. I blame gnomes... but designer Andrew Birkett has a different idea. This game looks like a lot of fun, again easy to grasp and has a funny premise. The art looks great and I wouldn't be surprised to see this game played with the family over Christmas... or Halloween.

Funding Period: Jan 10 2018 - Jan 31 2018 (21 days)

Final Funds: $16,645 pledged of $10,000 goal

Backers: 463

4) Spirits of the Forest

I am a sucker for any game that wants to highlight the fact that it is easy to learn. This game looks deceptively simple, as there are a lot of things going on for anyone who enjoys developing strategies. The concept is beautiful and the art is fantastic!

Funding Period: Jan 2 2018 - Jan 26 2018 (24 days)

Final Funds: €358,792 pledged of €20,000 goal

Backers: 7,845

3) Masque of the Red Death

A deduction game based on one of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe's short stories? Art completed by Gris Grimly? There were a lot of awesome exclusives on this project as well... this spoke to the middle school version of myself, the one who called himself 'emo' and shopped at Hot Topic.

Funding Period: Jan 10 2018 - Jan 26 2018 (16 days)

Final Funds: $101,124 pledged of $15,000 goal

Backers: 1,689

2) Postcard Dungeons

So I actually talked about this game in December! I was excited to back such a cheap project for once. Outside of the low price point, the concept is still one that excites me, because I hate to wait on people AND I hate to start games without them. This looks to be a great time killer, and I can't wait to get a shot at playing.

Funding Period: Dec 5 2017 - Jan 19 2018 (45 days)

Final Funds: $30,000 pledged of $1,000 goal

Backers: 3,889

My favorite Kickstarter Game for the month of January? Out of all the amazing options I had to go with...


This game was a sight for sore eyes. There is a severe shortage of thematic western games in the board game market. Of course, people will make games with themes they enjoy, but I can't help but feel that theme choices typically are tied more to the fad than to fashion. The difference is that while the initial creators made something new and exciting, the market is then flooded with people trying to cash in on the new pop zeitgeist. That isn't to say the later creations can't be good or even better... but after a time it feels a little stale. So I am thankful Kolossal Games is stepping out of what is "in" with this awesome looking game.

Funding Period: Jan 2 2018 - Jan 26 2018 (24 days)

Final Funds: $568,572 pledged of $60,000 goal

Backers: 6,721

Like I said before, and I hope you agree, this was a great month for Kickstarter games and looks to be a great year! I got the chance to back one of these awesome projects and I hope you did too! Were there any projects I missed? What were all the projects you backed? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Foolish!