Kickstarter Spotlight | The Essence


During the last Great War, the gods destroyed the Crystal of the World and the Old Earth collapsed. However, the gods who cared about the Earth's mortal inhabitants raised some of the falling fragments of the Earth and imbued them with the ability to float in the sky. Since then, the survivors from the Old Earth have been living and dying on those flying islands, trying to grow and develop their kingdoms. Following the old prophecy, they have started to collect and crystallize the Essence of the Old Earth to create Shards - fragments of the Great Crystal. The battle has begun. Each kingdom and race wants to reclaim the power of the Crystal in order to rebuild the world and rule it indefinitely.

This is the world you find yourself in as you represent one of the factions vying for power in this 'magic-punk' world. The game is set for 2-5 players and each player aims to develop their flying kingdom through building monuments, hiring advisors, reading prophecy fragments, and fighting the other factions. All these things lead you to your main goal of reassembling the Great Crystal and becoming the Emperor of the New World.

As you can see the art is fantastic and the story really draws you in. The designers from Big Bad Wolf Games really put time into this concept and it would be a crime if I didn't show you the current designs for the miniatures!

I don't know what it is about the setting, but I have always been a sucker for airships that look like that. If you are a fan of city-building, deck-building, resource management and strategic battles, you should definitely check this game out! The lowest pledge tier is set to $49 and it comes with all stretch goals. This is a great price point for how much you will actually get! 


I don't know much about any benefits various factions may have, but based on the art alone I would probably have to play The Kingdom of Three Islands, dwarves in the sky!?  Let me know if you decide to back this game and why in the comments! Have I missed an amazing looking campaign this far? Please let me know in the comments as well and I am happy to look into it!

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