Taking mental health seriously for the sake of design

Growing up in the 90's

was an extreme time. There really was so much going on and technology was changing things at rapid speed. Amongst all the changes there was a realization that children had this thing called 'ADHD'. The numbers with children diagnosed with this spiked and there was a lot of misinformation happening. My mother was told that I was 'borderline' ADHD. That I could go on meds if my parents wished, they chose to raise me without medication. I don't want to get into what is right or wrong for you or for others you may know in this situation.

In this case I am thankful that my parents made that choice. Growing up has been hard and I have had plenty of experiences that could have ended things early for me. That being said, I would not be the person I am today without those experiences. As I have gotten older though, I have noticed that coping mechanisms I have created have created a life that is "fine" and I don't want "fine" anymore. I want to thrive in this world. I want to be the best husband, the best friend, and the best game designer I can be. After hearing a comedy bit about adults with ADHD and how medication really changed the comedian's life... and helped him focus his chaotic energy, I knew that I not only needed but wanted to go down that path.

Yesterday, I was officially diagnosed with ADHD-combined. I have medication, and I am still in the first month (first day even) of being me with an aid. I know that my 20's were a tumultuous decade, and I am looking forward to a more driven me in my 30's. I hope that I can bring out solid entertainment and another bit of good news, I was approached to do my first write-up on another person's Kickstarter on my blog. I will be showcasing that with the interview soon.

Stay Foolish!