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After his introduction, Tim Fowers says he has been designing games for the past 10 years and he wants to get better at it. It is with that kind of humility that Tabletop Network seems to come out of and I have an automatic respect. Tim continues with the very real and noticeable lack of conferences designed for tabletop game designers to hone their craft. I am personally excited to see this grow into a GDC for the tabletop community. I am backing this one at the $55 level to throw my support behind the crew!

I do however want to talk about the two things that kept me from pulling the trigger on the larger tier.


The conference is being held in "Salt Lake City, UT" I put quotes here because of the real draw as far as the location, which is Snowbird Resort. The resort takes you out of the city and throws you into nature. The views look great - but if the goal is to develop into a GDC for tabletop developers and designers - then I would encourage the organizers to host the convention in the middle of Salt Lake City (if they want to stay here) the reasoning for this is simply that you offer more avenues for after-parties, you have more room for people to stay, and you support the local economy that will welcome the attendees.

Price Point

$295 is a steep request for a first-time convention. I am glad that they provided a breakdown of where the money is going - I appreciate the frankness.

As you can see they give you an idea of what is happening for this conference - I have done various sized events and this is pretty common to the breakdown. I assume that the speakers' costs include travel, lodging, and other particular needs. The speaker line-up is a great collection for the first time - I am still a bit shaken by the fact that 42% of the budget is going to the speaker section.

I think this is a great concept and as I mentioned above I backed at the $55 level so I can see the talks to figure out if there will be any value for game designers and if this is something I would want to attend in the future!

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