Unboxing | Splendor


Hey there, I am excited to bring you a new series, for Foolish Panda Games! The new series "Unboxing", is just as it sounds. The Foolish Panda Games team will be showcasing our new games. We will share our initial thoughts with you, and then at a later date post our review. Generally, "unboxing" posts are videos. We are aiming to make videos happen, when they do, then you will be the first to know! I couldn't wait anymore as I have been dying to see inside the box of Splendor.

"As the leader of a merchant guild, you invest in mine, send your ships to the new world, and recruit the most renowned artisans. Build a commercial empire and receive the visit of wise monarchs, patrons with infinite resources, to acquire glory and prestige." Sitting on the back of the box, this is your introduction to the world of Splendor.


I recently brought some games of mine for a trade in at my FLGS - walking around there were too many choices and I couldn't seem to find the game I wanted to take home. I pulled the owner aside and asked him what he happened to be playing currently. He walked me to Splendor and after reading the back of the box, I was ready to make my purchase.

For the size of the box, there aren't a lot of components. The plastic tray insert is large, and I could have done with a smaller box. That is the end of my complaints about this experience. Once I had the messed with the components I knew I had made a good call overall.


The design is clean and the cards are well made. The thicker cardboard pieces with pictures of royalty and wealthy are thick and should take aver wear and tear. The best part about the unboxing was playing with the gem chips. The stickers on these chips are really well made, but the chips themselves really stole the show. They are high-quality chips and they felt like the same quality of chips in well-run casinos.

Just listen to that sound, symphony of the many games to come. I have a feeling that my gamble will pay off, but of course, I will let you know when I have reviewed Splendor. Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletter! Once a month you will get an update on how things are going with Foolish Panda Games as a whole. You can also find out more information about my games in production!

Thanks for reading! Stay Foolish!.



(This was made before the YouTube channel and Unboxing video series. Update 4/27/18)