Kickstarter Spotlight | Sorcerer City


Scott Caputo has been busy and I am excited to highlight another game he has designed. It was great getting the chance to interview him - and hopefully, you can see how diverse his creations are. For this Kickstarter highlight though I want to focus on Sorcerer City from Druid City Games.

Outside of the fantastic looking art, the thing that really appeals to me is that this is a deck building and tile placement game with a casual games staple of real-time play. This will demolish the times that you are playing a game and another player is frozen from all the options that they can play.

There are a lot of great looking components in the base level pledge at $49 and stretch goals are still being met! The campaign has four more days to unlock the premium sand timer if you were wondering if you should pull the trigger. Druid City is showing this game off as a mix of Carcassonne, Dominion, and Galaxy Trucker - and that is enough to build interest.


As a reminder, this post is being set as being published on the 16th - currently, this Kickstarter has four more days and I hope you get the chance to back this amazing looking game! Let me know in the comments if you chose to back this game and why! As always if there are other games that I should be looking at then please let me know in the comments as well.

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