Kickstarter Spotlight | Postcard Dungeons

You know that friend of yours that is always late to game night? Everyone is ready to go, but the rogue can't just magically appear... even in a fantasy world, that is just too coincidental. What do you do with that time? Talking is always a great idea, but sometimes the group is still pretty new so then you just have an awkward silence. No longer will that be your fate! I was excited to find this campaign and happily backed it. For $4 you can't go wrong.

These quick and mobile games offer a lot of bang for your buck, so much so that I chose to purchase the other games in the Postcard series. I also printed the FREE PDFs so I can play them with the wife on our 17+ hour flight to Thailand coming up. I will definitely let you know my thoughts on them when I get back! You can find more information on Postcard Dungeons HERE.

What small and fast playing games do you like to carry around for moments of awkward silence or long trips with small table space? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to check out my other backed projects HERE.

Stay Foolish!