Kickstarter Spotlight | Paladin Card Protectors

Let's get real for a second, you spend a lot of money on games. You have a job where you work hard and you get money to spend on things that make life livable. You choose to spend your money on games, and that is awesome! Why not make sure that your games are well protected too? I talked a bit about this in an earlier post when I was highlighting a new way to transport your games. Now I get to share a KS campaign that protects one of the most precious pieces of your game collection: cards. As I am someone who absolutely loves card games, finding quality sleeves is paramount. Over time the binding on sleeves can go away and I am stuck with worthless plastic. In comes the Paladin Card Protectors. I am amazed at what they bring to the table, and honestly a little dismayed that I don't see these at my FLGS.  This company focuses on quality experiences and they hedge their bets that you will support them not because you have to buy more sleeves to replace broken ones, but that you buy more because you bought more games with the money you saved NOT buying replacements. Here is a small list of all the games and their corresponding sizes you will need.

That is a lot of games! Now, I don't understand the science of card sleeves and terms like "micron" used on the page, but apparently, they use 90 microns... which, I guess is a lot? There isn't a lot I can write to show why I backed this project, so here is one video off their page.


That still blows my mind! You can find more videos on their campaign page HERE. Including a video where they use a knife, one with water, and they share a video from Dice Tower as they perform even more 'guerrilla testing' on these amazing sleeves.

What about you? What sleeves do you currently use for your games? Are there other KS projects that I should be looking for that focus on gaming accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

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