The realization that it is okay to be happy.


After getting off a Skype call with a friend who lives on the other side of the country I hopped into my car to sit down to lunch with another friend to talk D&D. That is Dungeons and Dragons, for those who may not know. I am getting ready to start a new game with a group of people and we are in the stages where everyone's characters are getting made. This isn't important, it just provides more context.

As I was driving though, I can't remember what song cam on my playlist, but I started to smile as tears welled up in my eyes. I felt purely happy. Then, there was a feeling of guilt that followed. It wasn't like I was happy in a joyous occasion like my recent wedding... no... I was just happy. I don't know why I felt guilty... maybe because I am aware of all the things happening in the world around me, but should all these horrible things be the only thing we fixate on? Has the constant access to horrible news stories brought down the collective emotion of our humanity? I think it has, but I don't think we have to buy into it.

What about you readers? Do you find yourself feeling guilty about your happiness? Do you find depression or sadness to be a more natural choice?

Stay foolish!