Kickstarter Spotlight | Monster Lands


Monster battles? Check. Dice manipulation? Check. Worker placement? Check. Varying levels and modules that encourage replayability? Check. Solo mode? Check. Beautiful art? Check. Great collection of components? Check. Fully Funded? Check. A person from the Czech Republic is a? Czech. ( Not a Czechoslovakian mind you, as Czechoslovakia stopped being a country in 1993.)

Today, I want to highlight a game called Monster Lands. Currently, it is fully funded with 14 days left on the campaign. Published by Second Gate Games you can review the Kickstarter HERE. This game takes place in a world where varying clans fight for land that has been taken away from monsters. The clans are held up in the last bastion of hope called 'The Citadel'.


The gameplay looks simple enough to start but will take time to master. The part that draws me in, is that you don't jump straight into fighting. You prepare and build your clan because you are going to fight for survival, and you want to lead intelligently. This reinforces a mature approach to throwing players into a fantasy world. I know we need tropes to push stories along, but I enjoy watching the process characters go through to obtain abilities that help them succeed on quests. Monster Lands has multiple mechanics that emphasize the journey.

There are a lot of components already in the game, and if you back at the correct level, you will have access to even more things that are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. This game is at a higher price point then I usually like to highlight, but the designers really aimed to create replayability. Board games are becoming pricier investments, and while the components are growing in quality, replayability tells me if I made the right choice with my money.

You can find more information again at the Kickstarter, I encourage you to look it over and figure out if this game would make for an exciting game night. What projects are you backing right now on Kickstarter? Am I missing something in the wonderful ocean of projects? Please let me know in the comments and I will look at them. Do you have a game that you are preparing to launch? Connect with me and I would love to talk!

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