Game Review | Itchy Feet: The Travel Game


The very first game I supported on Kickstarter came in and I couldn't be more excited. I have a very persistent travel bug, so when I saw the campaign for this game I hopped on immediately. I was not disappointed with this game at all. The box is well made and holds the cards perfectly. When designing the game, the creators Malachi and Maxime really wanted to provide something that could be stowed and traveled with, and you can see this in the material of the box. The rulebook is minor, but they have a QR code to get the rules, again they are focusing on the ability to travel with this game. The cards are thick and look like they can take a few spills if needed.

Gameplay is relatively fast, we started slowly because we couldn't get enough of the funny text on the cards. For the first game, we didn't introduce any of the extensions; like giving people character, event cards, forbidden items, postcards and special items. The game is simple to grasp and we all had a fun time. I almost won, but someone was able to complete their set and travel right before me. Don't you hate that?

For the second game, we utilized all the extensions to the game. We randomly sorted characters to assign and as fate would have it, I got the character called, "The Kickstarter". I got to start the game with 6 cards instead of the normal 3, and nothing lined up with what I was hunting for. Other people started to make their moves and eventually, two of them traveled to their first country.

I decided to be sneaky because I was not able to get the items I needed to travel. When you add the postcards to the game you receive an alternate win scenario. If you can capture 4 postcards, then you win. Down to the wire, I grabbed the last postcard and claimed victory.


Itchy Feet is a great game to break the party game routine. Light strategy in the set collection to complete objectives is welcoming to all kinds of people. This is a fantastic game to bring out if you have friends over and want to build their curiosity in the tabletop hobby, baby steps right?

Were you another backer for this game? Have you gotten a chance to play it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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