Kickstarter Spotlight | Itchy Feet: The Travel Game


I am a military brat, and have traveled a lot. I am looking to have my honeymoon in Thailand next year. I love meeting new people and seeing other cultures. It feels right that the first project that I back is a game for travelers by travelers.

Itchy Feet is a game by Malachi Ray Rempen and Maxime Rioux and everything I am seeing shows a well thought out game with amazing art. The project can be found HERE and there are still 19 days to go! They have hit so many stretch goals thus far and I can only imagine more great things to come!

The top 3 things that excite me about this game:

1- Great art that creates a care-free attitude when playing... I don't think you can get that serious when the illustrations bring a smile.

2- This game was made for travelers in mind, and the addition of basic symbols of classic playing cards in the corner really show their attention to the limitations of space you have when traveling.

3- Within the project page, the creators are expressing a desire to find people to help translate the game to further the connections people can have while traveling. This is exactly how to have a global view and if you can offer to translate (or back) I really encourage you to check them out!

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