Indie MEGABOOTH & PAX West 2018

We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing in the Indie MEGABOOTH alongside some amazing groups this year! 

What is Indie MEGABOOTH?

I am glad you asked! Founded in 2011 as a passion project and for the love of indie games, the Indie MEGABOOTH made its debut at PAX East in 2012 and has seen incredible growth since. To date, the Indie MEGABOOTH has worked with more than 700 companies and studios across multiple showcases per year. Indie MEGABOOTH is best known for its curated showcase of independent games at major consumer gaming expos such as PAX West and PAX East, as well as showcases at professional industry events like GDC and E3.

Indie MEGABOOTH has also built an impressive global support network for the indie development community and games showcased within the Indie MEGABOOTH have become critically acclaimed and top-selling indie titles. 

Why is this a big deal?

Is that a serious question? Outside of the fact that this showcase is carefully curated and will have 78 games from 17 countries this year. This is a network people love to be part of and others strive to be a part of. When I went to my first PAX I told myself that I wanted to have a game in the Indie MEGABOOTH and 6 years later it has happened. 

So - if you are going to be in Seattle for PAX West, please stop by and say hello! I can't wait to meet all of your smiling faces!

Stay Foolish!