Kickstarter Spotlight | Human Era


Immediately following humans' discovery of time travel, the space-time continuum began to fall apart along with the rest of civilization (great job!). You are all aboard the last time machine, but you are a mixed crew. Most of you are humans, set on repairing the damage your meddling has caused. However, two other races have disguised themselves as humans to sneak aboard your ship to accomplish their own sinister goals. The machines from the horrific future are bent on chaos to preserve their existence. The cyborgs from the near future, half-human half-machine, play both sides of order and chaos to achieve their own goals. This is the backstory and setting you and your fellow gamers are in. I love the concept of Human Era and always appreciate a good deduction game. Find out who your fellow humans are and save humanity. I also find it intriguing that the machines feed off the chaos that humanity creates. This is actually a pretty deep philosophical concept wrapped up in a game. As chaos is the natural order of the universe - law and order are created by humans in response to repetition. When the same thing happens over and over again, we perceive it to be true. So as humanity seeks to control the universe and eliminate chaos we drive ourselves close to machines, yet the machines of the future want the chaos, so their power isn't diminished...

Human Era has a great design and the art is exciting. I have heard it said many times that we are in the golden age of board games and when I see games like this I am inclined to agree. The art is fantastic and I can't wait to see more. The game should take about 30 minutes and is meant for ages 10 and up. The only real concern is that you must have 4-10 players so you may need to make more friends! Honestly, though, that is a real accomplishment as most deduction games I have seen calls for at least five people.

This isn't 'Lay Waste Game's' first rodeo, and the game is already funded. You can check out the campaign HERE. Let me know if you back the game in the comments below! What would you change in history if you could? Should we change events in time? These are great (and potentially dangerous) questions we should ask ourselves as we progress.

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