Game Review | Hintegers

Hintegers is a fun party game that requires some active brain power, so make sure you start your night of party games with this one. I tried this game out after a few hours at a party and the crowd was too far gone - even though this game is really easy to learn. The rub is when you have to not only think creatively but play to those around you.

Like many party games, everyone aims to play to the judge. In Hintegers though, your goal isn't to make people laugh - but to analyze how the judge thinks AND use the numbers you have in your hand. You start with the numbers 1 - 10 and every time you are right you lose that number for future rounds. The goal is to be the first player with only 3 cards in your hand. 


Trying to get to 3 cards is a difficult process, but add to it that others will try and make sure that you don't get to 3 first - and you have an even more difficult time getting to 3. You will want to make sure and do your best when you are the judge - because you want to be as creative as possible to limit how many others will match your number, ideally one other player will match.

The game is fun, ready for 5 - 10 people, and requires you to think outside of the box. As a judge, you may draw a category card with "GAMES" and you may lay down the number 6. The word is Dice, as there are six sides. There are so many options... and 6 may be a bit easy. Let's 3 other people put down 6. Then you and they will get to remove 6 from your hand, every other card played that didn't match goes back into your hand.

You could have gone anywhere though.

  • 4 (Suits in a deck of cards)

  • 2 (colors in chess/black & white)

  • 5 (Elements in Magic The Gathering)

  • 10 (Players max in Hintegers).

Like I said before, this is a party game that requires a little more brain power - but if you would like something that doesn't feel like the same old party games, then this is a solid option to start the party night off. 

Stay Foolish!