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I make these Kickstarter Spotlight posts generally to talk about games that intrigue me or games that have amazing looking art. I don't want to suggest that this game doesn't do that for me, but I really want to highlight the strategy Joey Vigour has taken with GROWL.

First of all, they offered the base game to the first 500 people who claimed it free ($1 - but they will take away $1 from your shipping). This version is cards only so it isn't completely a shock. Allow me to do a quick breakdown with you over cost? I am currently planning budgets for marketing with my upcoming Kickstarter so this will be a fun exercise, and it may give you a different picture of the costs that go into creating a game.

The game GROWL has 54+ cards in it. For this let's assume 54 cards, and each sheet at PrintNinja (my potential manufacturer) has 55 poker cards at 280 GSM blue core per sheet. Their blue core is a solid medium weight card. So each game for this promo (because that is what it is) would require one sheet of cards to be printed. You also get one additional card that you could choose to throw advertising on and guarantee that at least 500 will look it over.


The game looks to have one back for the cards. The cards have a gloss finish and I am assuming that it is a varnish type. They don't look to have any specialty items within the cards like metallic ink or foil stamping so I will bypass that. They mentioned that there will be no box so I will put the cards in shrinkwrap.

As to the rulebook, I am not sure as to how they will provide them. I will assume that the rules will be sent out with these games and it would be the size of the cards so it will be shrinkwrapped with the cards. They could potentially use the one extra card as a means of a rulebook. Let's assume they go this route. So they use a full sheet for one game and the rules.

You also get the opportunity to get a hard copy and electronic proof for $450 so let's add that to this run down because really you should get this in your process. For all the above mentioned (minus shipping) you are looking at an initial investment of $1543.25 or $3.09 per game. According to Kickstarter, the location of the project is in Los Angeles, so while I don't know the exact zip code I will use 90210 for this test. When you take in shipping at that zip, the total cost is at $1,663.42 or $3.32 per game. The backers are paying for shipping minus the $1 of the deal. So let's take in that additional $500 and add it to the total hit - making the total cost of this operation now at $2163.42 or $4.32 per game.

This is a very basic breakdown of costs just for this special promo. Overall though, the effect seems to have worked as they are now sitting at (currently : 4/20/2018 11:45 AM PST) $42,499 pledged of the $8,000 goal. The $8,000 goal is also pretty low for this project, so they are definitely eating profit per backer. This is their third project on Kickstarter and they are pushing various Add-ons for backers, which they may be hoping will cover all the funding they have eaten.


This is definitely an interesting way to build excitement and numbers for your campaign. I will be watching this campaign closely and hopefully can learn how this process has worked for them as I move forward with my project.  Overall it looks to be a pretty expensive undertaking, and sadly I don't have the kind of money it would require to pull something like this off. Kudos to the team for trying new things in a very crowded Kickstarter market!

Make sure to check GROWL out HERE. Is there a game I may have looked over for this weeks Kickstarter Highlight? Let me know in the comments below and also make sure to check out other Kickstarter Spotlight posts HERE.

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