I learned to love the generations that came before me.


I was lying down in a pile of pillows and blankets affectionately called the "cuddle corner" by me, the wife, and our friends. I was having a moment getting lost in my thoughts just taking in the constant deluge of information being thrown at me daily. It hit me suddenly that it was really easy for me to look at generations past and cast judgement. Every young generation has the amazing superpower of hindsight influencing every remark made about the generations past.

This doesn't excuse poor choices that go against natural laws, but it should help us look at past generations with an element of grace. When we throw baby boomers under the bus for how much they have ruined our earth (for example) with the over consumption and mass production of plastics... maybe I should realize that if I was a 20 something in that time, I may have purchased the very products that caused the damage. If you aren't aware of the long term damage we can't really assume that we wouldn't have made the same choices.

I have been quick to dismiss the thoughts of someone based on their generational identifier and I have been working to fix that. We should really start listening to the wisdom and lessons learned from the boomers because we will not have them forever. It is time for us to find the good lessons and start to implement them in our lives, leave the mistakes behind and take the responsibility of moving humanity forward.

I then sat up and looked to my friend who was also just relaxing on one of my couches, and pointed out that this last election we saw more millennial voters than boomers. That the power will be shifting significantly in the next six to eight years. That we are already seeing GenXers taking positions of power, and that collectively they may see a decade of real influence... but we are primed to experience decades of influence.

This was honestly a lot to take in and there is a lot to be said with not just how a generation lets go of it's power but the mindset of a collective generation and how they assume power. I hope we can do so with humility and not with violence.

Stay Foolish!