Bézier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe


Bézier Games is announcing today Werewords Deluxe Edition is coming to Kickstarter on March 5th, 2018. The Deluxe Edition of the popular "20 Questions"-style party game will have more and new.

More roles, like the Fortune Teller, who happens to know a certain letter of the Magic Word or the Thing (that goes bump in the night) who secretly lets other players know he's on the village team plus many more.

More game modes, like Speedwords, in which the players get to see the number of letters in the word, and some of the letters themselves...which are chosen by the werewolves, of course, there is a downside which is that players have half the time to figure out the Magic Word.

New artwork revamping the old roles, the cards, and tokens. They also have a brand new app for the game complete with a new narrator.


I look forward to seeing more on this game and will be updating you with more information when the Kickstarter launches with a highlight. Have you gotten a chance to play Werewords? What is your favorite role? Let me know in the comments below!

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