Five Ideas : Creative Exercise #4


It has been a hot minute since I last made a "Five Ideas" post. I got really focused on all the other things going on around me, and I forgot about how awesome this practice was. Our creativity is like any other muscle and we must exercise it. I hope one of these ideas can jumpstart a creation that you have burning inside of you!

1. A story about an alien visiting the new world entering into a city. It is welcomed with open arms and a special council meeting is called. The alien walks in with the cameras rolling, it walks to the mic and explains that its planet is dying, that Earth will soon be no more.

2. A game about an ant trying to collect the most food for its colony. Whoever collects the most gets to be the personal bodyguard to the queen.

3. A story about an old man sick and tired being stuck in a nursing home reveals he is an aging “Technomancer” utilizes dying technology to stage an uprising. Other old people start to showcase their powers... but they are all a little off for the times.

4. A story about how our reflections are actually us on another plane whose sole job is to look through a window when we step up to a mirror.

5. A game about competing girl scout troops trying to sell the most cookies outside the same store.

Stay Foolish!