Five Ideas : Creative Exercise #3


This is my third 5 ideas post, the hope again is that I can throw 5 ideas to you, and if something grabs your attention you can take it and run with it. I don't need any credit because I just want more people in the world creating. I try to do this once a week and I will share 5 of my random thoughts once a month!

1: A game where a child is kidnapped and you play a monster from under the child's bed or in their closet and your goal is to save the child and bring them home. Maybe there can be benefits of the type of monster you are. Closet monsters are wider and stronger while the monsters under the bed are slinkier and sneaky. Two player mode available too!

2: A board game that teaches the importance of the natural cycle of plant life in the forest, and how we protect ourselves from wildfires by going in to burn brush and other things that can spark.

3: A story about a turkey who was pardoned by the president, and how they create a revolution to escape the gates of where they keep all the pardoned turkeys. I am envisioning a mechanized turkey bot.

4: A comic where in the future, people can tell your emotions by the aura that surrounds you. We are walking mood rings that are forcing us to become more honest with one another.

5: A pencil and paper RPG made for children that use insects as the main 'races'. Have the system revolve around the D10 and aim it to be a stepping stone to the D20 systems. Possibly have their health be associated with something too showing that bugs don't have long lives.

Stay Foolish!