Five Ideas : Creative Exercise #2


Hey readers, this is a continuation in my belief that - it takes nothing to have ideas… the power is the ability to make the ideas a reality. So every other week I will share five ideas that pop into my head. They could be extremely bad… or they could help you come up with an amazing idea, either way… if you make an idea happen, I would love to see it! 1- A game that showcases flowers fighting for dominion of a garden. Not just a War of Roses.

2- A story like Pete's Dragon where the kid has a large imaginary "friend" that can do things... but the kid doesn't like the imaginary "friend" and has to consistently do things to make sure other people aren't hurt. Eventually, the kid breaks down and is placed in a facility. Then it is too late as the imaginary "friend" is not locked in the room and causes chaos in the town, destroying it.

3- A marionette News Show... tagline: Your News Now! No Strings Attached.

4- A monthly subscription box with a new body sponge, soap, and shampoo/conditioner combo every month. Call it "In Your Shower" so people don't have gross body sponges because they forget to grab a new one.

5- A tycoon game about being a tycoon. Tycoon Tycoon - you have so much money you have to get rid of it before you die. The goal is to have the smallest amount left without going broke.

Stay Foolish!