Five Ideas : Creative Exercise #1


So, I got this idea from a random video I think. They suggested that we should use our "ideation" like a muscle and just come up with ideas. Ideas, as Jamey Stegmaier and other successful creators suggest are a dime a dozen. It takes nothing to have ideas... the power is the ability to make the ideas a reality. So every other week I will share five ideas that pop into my head. They could be extremely bad... or they could help you come up with an amazing idea, either way... if you make an idea happen, I would love to see it!

1: A book where the main character realizes they can narrate the lives of people around them. The twist happens when they realize that they are being narrated by another person. Those people go on a journey and discover that they are really just thoughts of a 6 year old kid.

2: An entire album dedicated to common sounds you hear in an office setting.

3: A video game where the player knows they are in a dream, but they have to switch back and forth to keep the dream going. So making sure nothing wakes them up.

4: An art series painted with knees and elbows... maybe have a bunch of artists involved... it can be a joint effort.

5: A choose your own adventure movie, that allows the viewer to make the choices of the main character. We travel down their choices till the end. You have to pay for the movie again to try another path. These movies are then put into a pool where other people can pay less to just watch the final movie with no choices.

Stay Foolish!