Four of my favorite things at PAX West 2017

This was the first PAX that I have attended where I have not planned to go all 4 days. There is so much stuff, it is hard to catch everything. These are just 4 of my favorite things I spotted at PAX this year.



This was an awesome concept from the start, and I am a sucker for helping people experience life from different perspectives. When I found out that it was a puzzle game as well... consider me sold. This was beautifully done, and I want to get my hands on VR equipment so bad to play this. Learn more about them HERE.

Aden's Musical Playground::

I chose to play while The Barber of Seville was playing. I felt like a cartoon character throwing colors around to visual show music. This game was amazing, and I felt like I was the music. I hope that in the future this will automatically sync with Spotify. There are too many songs that I want to visualize with this tool. See more HERE.

Tabletop Co-op::


This is a solid group of local board game designers, that I am personally excited to become part of. They actually want designers with games under their belt, so that will happen next year. I always enjoy visiting the room they buy out and see what games they are showcasing. The board game scene and it's future is in good hands to be sure.

Far Cry 5::

I wasn't on the path less traveled the entire time, there were solid AAA titles at the event. My personal favorite was Far Cry 5. The booth was put together well, and I loved getting to finally play the game a bit. I did have to restart though, because the demo zone wasn't as large as I hoped, but I loved what I saw. The story of this game got me to buy Far Cry 4 to see if I like the series at all, and after seeing that this is a well operated team, I am more than ready to spend money on this game.


So those were just 4 things that I saw at this PAX West... of course I saw so much more, and I can't explain how excited I am for the future of games. What were your favorite things from PAX?

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