Kickstarter Spotlight | Fat Cats


I am really excited about this project titled "Fatcats". Essentially this looks like Spades, with nicer looking cards and no annoying bid phase. The strong points I see for the game and the campaign:

1- Looks really simple to pick up and play.

2- The art style looks beautiful and captures the time period they are showcasing.

3- The video is short and to the point, and really brings you into the feel of the game.

4- They have one reward level that is very limited offering a free T-shirt. This will definitely help them get that early push of backers. (If there is space, you should definitely go for it!)

The only weakness of the campaign is the page itself. A lot of times the thing that separates projects is their first impression. Outside of the awesome video, the page is pretty bland. At least having some headers in the art style of the game would have helped the crew start off looking very professional.

All that to say, I am watching this campaign closely and will probably back it as I happen to love the game of Spades and the time period the game takes place in. Don't forget to check out other Kickstarter Spotlight posts HERE

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