Kickstarter Spotlight | Enigma Box


Honestly, I don't know how to write this post today. When I found this campaign, I got lost on a rabbit trail trying to figure out what I was looking at. The marketing for this campaign alone is gold. I decided to even open up the campaign because at one point this was all going to be called "Enigma Games". I have been called an enigma on more than one occasion, so I saw it fitting.

As to why you are here though, this game is almost like an escape room. You have objectives to accomplish, riddles to solve, new clues to find. The main difference is that there is no room to escape, you are just trying to escape the story we have all been told. i can't seem to figure out much as to what new Truths you are aiming to discover, but I am definitely intrigued.

The team seems to not only have created an awesome story that you jump into once you open the box, but pulls you in the moment you open the Kickstart project page. I am a sucker for quality marketing and for interesting means of getting information to people. The two things that come to mind always is the viral marketing for The Blair Witch Project and the "I love bees" campaign for Halo 2. The creative minds behind these campaigns created alternate realities that pulled in the whole of the people that were involved. The Enigma team (seems) to have created the Rhomb society. (I say "seems" because I can't find much on the group, outside of a Facebook page that was created in March.)

Of course, once you back this project and it is funded and delivered to you, you become a member of this elite society. From then you solve riddles using all sorts of components that the team has created. They also have an app that utilizes both virtual and augmented reality which you further use to transport you to places around the world to solve this huge mystery and find the truth.


Another thing that really pulls me in, is the team's mention of a "grand finale" of which only a chosen few can be apart of. This will take place on May 31, 2019, and I just can't wrap my head around what that will entail. They say it will be available only to those who complete everything provided by that point. Those chosen few will discover the 'Arcanum Arcanorum' or the secret of secrets.

The components look amazingly made and honestly, I want to throw my money at this team. This is definitely not a thrifty game, as the base game tier is $199. If you want to jump to the deluxe level then you are going to be looking at a $349 investment. To be fair, the amount of technology and quality of components are amazing, but I couldn't drop that kind of money alone. This is definitely something for your game group to talk about and pull resources for.

I wish I had more for you readers, as I am excited about this entire concept. I recently did an interview with a designer who said that he felt that the next big wave in game design would be the "escape room". I think he may have been right. If this is one of the new waves of entertainment, then we are in for an amazing run! Please check out the Enigma Box HERE. Make up your own mind, and let me know if you chose to back this project in the comments below! Feel free to let me know of any other projects that you are interested in and don't forget to check out other Kickstarter Spotlight posts HERE

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