Kickstarter Spotlight | Edge of Darkness


You know that I had to highlight this game, right? If you are an active Kickstarter backer then I am sure you have seen this campaign and after my interview with the designer John D. Clair choosing this game as a highlight seems like a no-brainer.

For centuries, as city-states have fought one another for dominance, the city of Aegis has stood tall and provided protection from strife to refugees from the war-torn region known as the Forsaken Lands. The few adventurous souls that venture into the Forsaken Lands, and make it back to the city alive, come with tales of dark forces being at work. What they call the "Blight" draws near. In this world, you and the other players are guild leaders in the city. Players vie for the prestige of defending the city from the evils of the Forsaken Lands while amassing influence and wealth.


Edge of Darkness is a shared-deck, card-crafting game. All players will be playing from the same deck of cards and that, unlike a traditional deck-building game, in Edge of Darkness the players will be modifying cards within the deck. Some of the cards already belong to other guilds and you must give points to other guild leaders to utilize them. Some of the cards are neutral and you can claim them for your own. As the game progresses and you craft your cards into more powerful versions the Blight becomes stronger. At the end of the game, the player with the most Victory Points is the winner.

The art of this game is beautifully made and the shared deck of cards forcing players to think about working together and against each other at the same time coupled with the card-crafting mechanics really stand out to me as a potential top 5 KS game for 2018 (although this is slated to go out in 2019). There are two pledge tiers at $60 and $100 respectively.

Check the campaign out for yourself and see if this is for you! When you are done, head back over here and let me know if you backed it or not. I would love to hear your opinion on this game, and if you have any other suggestions for quality games on Kickstarter please let me know in the comments or reach out to me on the "Contact Us" page!

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