Kickstarter Spotlight | Dinomals


This is a cool little project made by two kids and a father #lifegoals. This is an easy looking game that would be great for kids, and again the fact that it is by kids could bring out some creative forces from your own children. "Dinomals" is a easy to learn card game about trying to create cute little abominations. Since pandas aren't in the game (a small oversight I can let pass) I call dibs on creating the raptoricorn! You can check out the project HERE.

If I had kids I would be backing this project immediately for a few good reasons.

  1. For kids... by kids. I can't get over it. This is an awesome father taking the time to show his children that they can not only come up with funny ideas but that their dreams can take form and become a reality. Hopefully, he is showing the hard work every step of the way It is motivational to see people your age going after what they want in life.
  2. The cute animals you can create. While there is only 5 of them, they are all winners in my book. My favorite as you can tell is the raptoricorn, both majestic and very deadly.
  3. Easy to learn. The mechanics look pretty solid, and after watching the video where Zavier (an 11-year-old... which I am sure I was just focusing on watching cartoons then)explains the gameplay - it looks to be a game you can easily pick up with the family and play a quick round.

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