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Hello Readers, I am really excited for my post today! Not only is the a project I have backed, but it is being done by a team that I look up to, and love to learn from. As always please note: I am not getting any financial gain from writing this although I do hope the project is backed so that I can follow-up and write a review on this game. I got to talk a bit with David Gerrard who added gameplay to this already well made game "Crows", originally designed by Tyler Sigman. I am really excited about this project getting funded, and you can check out the project HERE.

Chris Michelotti: Crows originally came out in 2010 -published by valley games. Why did you want to bring this game back into the public's eye?

David Gerrard: It was more of a fun opportunity than anything else. I was talking to Tyler about board games, he told me about Crows and that it was no longer in print. I asked to play the game and after playing a round, I pitched the idea of us remaking the game for him. Its got a great classic old-school game feel to it. and by my team remaking it, we can bring up the art and graphic design, and I can add some extra strategy to the game as well. I think the final product is really going to work out well.

CM:I wanted to ask about that, on the box it talk about how the additional gameplay comes from you. What kind of additional gameplay are we looking at?


DG: When Tyler first agreed to let us remake the game, I thought I'd make a couple small tweaks. The core game is great and really doesn't need anything at all. We wanted to add a good theme to it first of all, and so we placed the game inside our Tessandor world we created in By Order of the Queen. Then we started brainstorming ideas on how to update the game, and we came up with some easy wins to increase the strategic aspects of the game. The main thing I would say we did is we are giving the players more options during their turn, and making each individual play more meaningful. Specific examples of this are that you now have two tiles to choose from when you place a tile, and we added completely new tiles and spells as well.


CM: Sounds interesting, when updating game play for this game did you work with Tyler at all on the updated rules?

DG: Definitely. When Tyler gave us the thumbs up for the remake, he also sent me a list of ideas he had to upgrade the game. The Queen Crow (our first Stretch Goal) is completely his idea and when we put it in during our playtesting, it adds a lot to the strategy of the game.

CM: That sounds really cool, looking over Tyler's original game and the current artwork on the Kickstarter page, I can definitely see that the game is getting a much needed facelift. You mentioned earlier that you are setting this game inside your world of Tessandor. Was it hard to find a way for this game and the characters to fit in?

DG: No not at all. With Justin's art, we really can do anything. As a team, we kind of get to skip a bunch of steps that other teams may have to deal with to make games. Wait until you see some of the crazy ideas we have for settings in our upcoming games.

CM: Always excited to see where you guys are going and the expanse of your world. Speaking of looking forward, are there other games that you would like to see revamped and included in your world?

DG: Oh I have no idea. Tyler is a gracious incredibly nice guy, I doubt we would get lucky again like this and be able to bring back a game like we are here. Again, for my team, this is an awesome opportunity and we're definitely gonna flex and show off what we can do.

CM:I wish you and your team nothing but the best! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I always enjoy getting the chance to talk with David and see how is brain works. This idea of revamping old games that may have missed their time in the limelight for a variety of reasons intrigues me. It sounds like something I would want to do in the future. As to the page itself, David and his team really do a good job organizing the page and keep it clear and to the point. The reward levels are appropriate and they are open about what the costs will be after the Kickstarter is complete. I am a $40 backer and can't wait to get my hands on all the things that will be in the box.

The things that really excite me:

  1. The art is being completed by Justin Hillgrove. That in of itself is worth the price point.
  2. Having an awesome team cleaning up a game that is already solid in it's mechanics, is really cool. This game has had not one but two talented game designers working through it's mechanics for this Kickstarter.
  3. This team delivers quality products on time. They are extremely customer-centric, and care about the people who back them. Feel free to send them a message over at Kickstarter if you have any questions. I know David will be happy to answer them.

Again, the project page can be found HERE you should give it a look over and see if this is a game that you will want to back! Don't forget to check out my other backed projects HERE.

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