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Cult Following : The One True Game

I loved getting the chance to play this game at PAX. One of my friends loved it so much that is was their very next drunk Amazon purchase. Needless to say, I am excited to play this game again. The premise is simple, you are a cult leader competing with other leaders for new recruits.

Gameplay is really easy in that you have two or three leaders competing for the other players (recruits) votes. Leaders are given 5 cards and choose 3 "signs" from them to form your cult. You weave these signs into a story, a production, a mantra... a selling point. You pitch this to the recruits and then you are questioned by the potential recruits. They do this by pulling a question card from the proper pile and chose one of the questions on the card to ask. You then answer this question, remembering to highlight your signs in the answer.


On their site they have a steady stream of story ideasnear the bottom, to kind of give inspiration in your cults development. I chose these 5 cards and highlighted my choices.

1- The other side of the fence.

2- Not that there's anything wrong with that.

3- We belong here.

So my sample story could (would) be::

Look, obviously things aren't working. The Earth is dying and fighting us, political turmoil is causing fear and anxiety in everyone around you, and we have one of the worst puppets in office with his finger sitting on a bright red button ready to destroy. You have spent plenty of time on the other side of the fence. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT... but humanity shouldn't exist like that. You should come to my little commune in the mountains. You belong here, your friends belong here, I belong here.... WE belong here. Don't you want to make an impact? Don't you want to feel like you belong? In my commune, you will feel wanted every day.

From there, the other players will ask questions. They could desire clarification or want to know what else they get from your individual cult that other cults can't offer. The first cult leader to get two followers wins. This of course varies on how the house wants to play the game and if you want to allow all recruits to ask their questions and just go by majority. There are other game variations that you can read in the rules.

This is another great party game to add to your collection. I highly encourage it. Find more information at their site HERE

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