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It was a long day already as the plane sat on the tarmac for two hours on an already delayed flight. The passengers were restless and they made sure to let Samantha know it every chance they got. Samantha pushed through though because she was excited to get back home and be with John. Entering into the house Samantha finds John and her best friend Andrea holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. In a violent fit of anger, Samantha cursed the heavens as she threw a potted plant across the room, surprising the two secret lovers.

When Andrea realized what was happening she quickly moved to Samantha and told her that John had been helping her with an audition she had coming up with the local theater company. Samantha noticing the script on the coffee table shook her head and apologized. She talked about her stressful day and Andrea listened and told jokes to ease Samantha.

Suddenly, John hands Samantha a letter he had written for her. The two hugged for a while and John pulled away and smiled, "We should go to our favorite restaurant."  Samantha smiled,"Really!?"

John smiled as they sat down in their booth at Itzaball the spot in town where all the food is in the shape of a ball. The two talked for a while and enjoyed the food, laughing over what had just happened.

Then, as Samantha was taking a bite of her coconut puff pastry she felt something hard in the bite. She reached into her mouth and pulled out a ring! She looked across from her and realized John wasn't seated but was kneeling beside her. He didn't even have to ask as Samantha just nodded furiously, "Yes!"

Andrea came over after to celebrate the good news and quickly agreed to be Samantha's maid of honor smiling, "I will be there for you in the happy moments, the sad moments, and the moments where you go crazy and throw plants." Everyone at the party laughed and danced the night away.

The End.

In comic turns, you never know what will happen so you have to roll with it and honestly I really enjoy the concept of this game overall. It is a simple idea that has a lot of replayability. There are five (read four) game modes. In the above example, you have the "connections" game which allows for you or everyone playing to create a story one card at a time.


The other game modes are "story structures" which is more of a base level game allowing everyone at the table to choose from a collection of ten cards. The goal is to create a three or six-panel comic strip. The game goes further to explaining story structure and really helps people get ready to play. Another game mode is "What If?" and in this mode the players will wait for the dealer to set up a story with the top three cards of the deck, once this is complete the players then take turns exchanging panels with cards in their hand one at a time changing the story. The last game mode is "Parallel Lives" and this one is probably my favorite, because I may just naturally be drawn to competition. This is the only competitive game mode, and pitting storytellers to a battle is a lot of fun.

My wife and I used three cards in our hands to create a story connecting the randomly drawn beginning and end cards. I went with a story of love lost and found, regret leading to surprising experiences. The wife went with a sad story of loneliness, a birthday wish misunderstood for even more gain and potential for future romance. I would suggest if you play this game with kids to also have voting cards, so the winner can be chosen anonymously.

So the Kickstarter will be launching TODAY, I will of course update this post with more information as it comes out, but to what I like and things that I would change the severity may change depending on other factors.


  1. Simplicity- This game is REALLY easy to understand and start playing immediately.
  2. Storytelling- This is the bulk of the game and it really causes you to think as large as you can with your details, and it is a lot of fun to see what other people grab hold of to continue the story.
  3. Art- The art is really loose and leaves some room for the interpretation of the player.
  4. Speed- The game rounds are super fast so this game is a great time killer if you need a small game while someone leaves for the restroom.
  5. Price- At £10 ($15) this is a really easy backing!

Things I would fix:

According to Karen's website, the game was originally done on actual playing cards. I really enjoy utilitarian design. Having the classic icons or even a version of them would not only allow for the owner of this game to play Comic Turns but to also play poker.

With Karen taking out those symbols she opened up the doors for more cards. Currently, the cards are centered on a small group of characters. This game could have easily been doubled in size with more characters, scenes, and items.

In the end, this is a nice complaint because I really enjoy the game and want more of it. This isn't a game I would randomly bring out, but I remember what it was like working with Elementary age students at an after-school program. Needing to come up with new projects every day could become exhausting. This is the kind of game I would have loved for my kids though. This game definitely encourages out of the box thinking and educates players on storytelling. It is important to know the beginning, middle, and end of every story.


You should definitely give this game a look and if you have or work with kids, or just want an excuse to develop your storytelling ability... this game may just be for you! Let me know in the comments if you decide to back this project and what was the main draw for you!

Stay Foolish!