Kickstarter Spotlight | Blinks : A Board Game With A Mind Of It's Own.


I am really excited about this Kickstart Highlight because this isn't just a game (six for that matter) but we are talking about a new system. I think you will enjoy the potential that Blinks offers creators.

The creator really has a love for systems and the desire to build a community surrounding this new system is exciting. I mentioned this, but again there are six games that come built into these little Blinks. One of the games (Fractured) was featured as an Indiecade Finalist of 2016.

These little guys look great, and what is going to become more exciting is that the designers are making sure that this is going to be grown through open source software. The limits Blinks will know really depend on the community. This would be an exciting way to encourage someone to learn code.


You may not be as excited about going in and creating your own games, and that is okay! In order for communities to grow, they need evangelists. One of the games that are included with the six Blinks you pick up with the base pledge level is Mortals. In this game, both players (can go up to 4) start with three Blinks competing in a real-time strategy game where players consistently move Blinks around the board connecting with each other. The reason? In order to keep their Blinks alive, you need to borrow time from the Blinks you connect with. Every Blink starts with a 60-second lifespan and I think this gif explains it better.

Make sure to check out the campaign page and make sure to let me know if you back it in the comments below! Would you back a project like this in hope of utilizing this system with one of your games? Could there be cross-platform potential here? Did I miss something that you are excited about? 

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