Just be honest about the things you like

Can we please stop liking things ironically? I admit it, I have talked about things I 'liked' and knew nothing about. I have been in discussions with people where I will talk about how much I like something with such an ironic hipster bravado that those in the circle could not tell my irony. Even in conversations where my irony was obvious... the very fact that I was taking the time to mention various memes, stories, and other forms of pop culture gave power to things in this world that at the end of the day should not be celebrated.

What we need then is for honesty to become key. If you don't know about something someone is talking about, vocalize it. Learn something new rather then regurgitating already prepared remarks from that Buzzfeed article you read last night before bed. If you don't like a show that is being talked about, then just say you don't care for it. You may be out of the conversation a little bit... but that is a good time to listen. You learn a lot about people when they are talking about the things they enjoy. You will get your chance to say something, and you may bring up something you enjoy, that maybe another person may not like. They will show you the same courtesy you showed them.

Arguably, the best way to be successful in today's market is not to appeal to the masses. While this strategy can create celebrity and fast fame... I don't think it is stable. Stable success is more about finding your tribes. American culture died with the dream. Subcultures get their time in the spotlight and eventually fade away with their scenes. Your tribe though... that will last.

So, reader, how are you building your tribes? Are you being open and honest to help strengthen the connections with your tribe? Do you feel that you can freely share with those around you? Do you actually enjoy the tribe you find yourself associated with? Sometimes we make friends who fall into different tribes, and we get the opportunity to visit these other tribes. We get a clearer picture of the world when we experience different worldviews. That doesn't mean we have to stay around though. If I met someone who unashamedly loves polka and invited me to a show... I would gladly go. I may not go after that, but that doesn't mean that I have to cut the human connection.

What kind of things do you love? What are the things that get you excited? Have you shared this with your friends? Have you invited others to get a glimpse of how you see the world? Have you taken the time to look at the world differently?

Stay Foolish!